Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 8 recap & review

In the eighth episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Sung-han wishes to find out the truth about Chun-seok’s relationship with his wife while Ms. Ma tries to make Gi-yeong happy. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sung-han appears on a radio show, with Ho-yeong’s help, to get Chun-seok as much attention as his wife is getting. Sung-han’s team had decided that they would present him as the piano man for the show. However, the show does not help much.

Yu-seok introduces Yeong-ju to Choi Jun. When they ask him if Sung-han has an ace up his sleeve, Choi Jun demands Yu-seok’s position in the company in exchange for the answer to that question, as he knows that they would never give him Yu-seok’s position. 

He also tells them that Sung-han knows about Yu-seok’s plan to use Choi Jun to spy on him and that he advised him to get paid for the work. He later recounts the whole meeting while eating with Sung-han and Hyeong-geun.

Jang Jon-ho, the director of the radio station where Seo-jin used to work, offers her a job; he wants her to host the night show, but she replies that if she decides to come back to the station, it will be when they give her the morning show that she used to host.

Jeong-sik talks to Ho-yeong about a woman that he likes. When Hyeong-geun asks him to borrow his car to go to Haenam, he is initially reluctant but decides to accompany him when he finds out that Yu-seok is representing Chun-seok’s wife, Dinh Thi Hoa.

Dinh Thi Hoa claims that when she told Chun-seok that she is moving back to Vietnam with their son, he got angry and started breaking things in a drunken state; a neighbor had to intervene. The next day, she went to meet him alone, and he hit her with a bat. 

Meanwhile, Chun-seok tells Sung-han that his wife wanted to give up permanent residency and leave for Vietnam with their son. It is true that he got angry and broke things. He also knows this is emotional abuse, but he never hit her.

Dinh Thi Hoa is now living in a women’s shelter, and Hyeong-geun thinks that she must have called them beforehand, knowing that Chun-seok would get angry once she tells him about moving to Vietnam.

Ms. Ma takes her son, Jeong-guk, to a house that she is going to renovate. She plans to live there. She questions him about taking away the one thing that Gi-yeong loves the most — Sung-han. She also advises him to make wise choices.

Sung-han cannot understand why would Dinh Thi Hoa want to leave him when her family back home is so poor. Hyeong-geun and Jeong-sik travel to Haenam, where a pharmacist tells them that Chun-seok assaulted Dinh Thi Hoa.

Meanwhile, Seo-jin, Choi Jun, and Sung-han discuss Min-jeong’s case. She met her husband, Hyeon-tae, at church when he registered as a new member. Hyeon-tae mixed lies and truth to win everyone’s trust. 

He did not seem bothered by Min-jeong’s schizophrenic tendencies, so she married him and moved to another place with him. Her parents helped them open a cafe, but problems began when he frequently disappeared, leaving her alone. 

Her condition was getting better when she met him, but it started getting worse after she discovered that he had lied to her; his niece was actually his daughter.

When Hyeon-tae discovered that Min-jeong has schizophrenia, he started going to a support group, but Seo-jin suspects that he knew about her condition before their marriage. 

Jeong-sik sees Yu-seok in Haenam, and it is revealed that he hates Yu-seok so much because he was the one who introduced Ju-hwa to him. He still feels guilty, even though Sung-han reassures him that he had not done anything wrong.

In Haenam, Hyeong-geun finds out that Chun-seok switched to another pesticide shop from the one that his family has dealt with for generations because the owner nagged him about his wife. 

He kept telling Chun-seok that he has seen Dinh Thi Hoa drinking with a man her age who is either Filipino or Vietnamese. She went to drink with him whenever she said that she is going to take Korean classes.

He just wanted to warn Chun-seok as a friend because he, along with everyone else in town, knows that Chun-seok had doubled his workload to support Dinh Thi Hoa and her family.

Ms. Ma has decided not to go to Hawaii. She asks Jeong-guk to send Gi-yeong over to her hotel. She then drops Gi-yeong off at Sung-han’s house. However, Yeong-ju finds out about it and shows up at his house to pick Gi-yeong up.

She reminds Sung-han that he is not on Gi-yeong’s family registration; it is just Jeong-guk, Ha-yul, and her. Sung-han watches helplessly as she takes Gi-yeong away.

Sung-han visits Chun-seok to ask him whether he is the father of his and Dinh Thi Hoa’s son, Yeong-gwang. Chun-seok does not know the truth, but he knows that Yeong-gwang is his son on paper. 

If Chun-seok’s mother finds out that Yeong-gwang is not his son, she will be devastated. Sung-han still thinks that he should clear his name to live honorably. Additionally, his case gets a lot of media attention. 

Yu-seok talks to Dinh Thi Hoa, who tells him that Yeong-gwang is not Chun-seok’s son. Yeong-gwang’s real father went back to Vietnam, which is why she must also go back. Yu-seok intends to find him and hide him in Vietnam forever.

In court, Sung-han questions Dinh Thi Hoa if Chun-seok is the father of their son. He then demands a paternity test, much to Yu-seok’s dismay.


  • The choice of music works well in this episode. The music builds tension in the scene where Sung-han is distressed but focuses that energy on thinking about the case; it makes a simple scene stand out.
  • The costumes and makeup in Jeong-sik’s flashback scene were very impressive. They made the characters’ younger appearances believable, and the show managed to take the audience to the past.
  • This episode focused on two cases. There were so many things happening at the same time, as the episode tried to squeeze in too many sub-plots along with the main plot. As a result, the audience could not fully enjoy any of them.
Divorce Attorney Sin season 1 episode 8
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 8 recap & review 1

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