Love is Blind season 4 episodes 1 to 5 recaps & review

Love Is Blind season 4 sees a new batch of romantics sit across each other and bleed their hearts out through a wall, in hopes of making a connection worth keeping when the walls come down and whatever challenges may present themselves ahead.


Hosts Vanessa and Nick welcome the contestants to the show. The women’s living room and the men’s living room are located apart and between them is the area where the pods are.

Two pods are separated by a wall and the contestants have to get an idea about each other through conversations and make their decisions based on that.

Zack hits it off with Irina and Bliss, bleeding his heart out and being really vulnerable. Jackelina hits it off with Josh and Marshall, and Josh comes at it a bit too intensely. Tiffany and Brett instantly hit it off and feel like the perfect match.

Kwame and Paul are both into Micah, who has a real connection with Kwame but ends up calling it off and choosing Paul instead. Chelsea, who’s been into Kwame since day one, gets heartbroken but eventually hits it off with him again.

Tiffany and Brett have one little hiccup before the two decide to be endgames, as Brett proposes to her and they finally meet and get engaged. Meanwhile, Paul and Micah get engaged with each other and Kwame makes strides with Chelsea, with the two eventually getting engaged.

Zack makes the hardest choice and calls it off with Bliss, getting engaged with Irina instead. Meanwhile, Marshall and Jackie get engaged as Josh is weeded out of the picture.

The next stage is when all the couples arrive at a luxurious resort in Mexico, where certain relationships blossom and others come apart. Irina’s complete 180 on her responses and a total repulsion to Zach ends their relationship, as Kwame struggles to get Micah out of his mind.

Tiffany and Brett go stronger than ever and things get steamy between them, which they do between Chelsea and Kwame, before things get shaky due to Micah and by the end of the fifth episode, they’re back to finding a common ground again.

Paul and Micah’s dynamic is strong but while Micah keeps getting suspiciously close to Kwame, Paul gravitates towards Irina, who’s head over heels for him despite him being the fiance of her best friend.

Jackelina and Marshal suffer a tough patch as she breaks down thinking about her family and having doubts about herself, but Marshall keeps her company and shows utmost support through it all.

The fifth episode ends with Zach meeting Bliss again, expressing his regret at the wrong decision he made, but before their meeting leads to anything, Love Is Blind season 4 episode 5 rolls the credits.


  • Love Is Blind evokes a flurry of emotions, especially frustration, which is frequently triggered as contestants make some of the worst decisions.
  • One may wonder if all the contestants involved in the show have signed up for the kind of narrative that’s built around them and their actions, in addition to whether all of it is genuine or scripted.
  • Irina and Micah quickly become the “vamps” of this Love Is Blind season, and if the Netflix series is entirely candid and real in its machinations and presentation, these two contestants must brace for the barrage of negative public response they are bound to receive.
  • However, amid all the foolish decisions, glib “mean girls” acts, and drama aside, the show also has some beautiful moments as love seems to conquer between Tiffany and Brett as well as Jackelina and Marshall (even if it seems kind of one-sided thus far).
Love Is Blind season 4
Love is Blind season 4 episodes 1 to 5 recaps & review 1

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