Doctor Cha season 1 episode 11 recap & review

In Doctor Cha episode 11, Jeong-Suk confronts Seung-Hi and In-Ho at the same time, while tensions between Roy Kim and In-Ho flare to the point of a brawl.


With non-alcoholic beer, So-Ra comes to Jeong-Suk’s dorm and spends some more quality time with her, sharing how her father had done something similar to her mother as In-Ho has done to Jeong-Suk, who later reveals to So-Ra that she knows about her dating Jung-Min.

When Jeong-Suk can’t tolerate it anymore, she calls Seung-Hi and In-Ho to the same office and confronts them about the affair. In-Ho tries saying that he and Seung-Hi are about to break up anyway but Seung-Hi denies that. Jeong-Suk orders Seung-Hi to leave the hospital and work elsewhere.

She later confronts In-Ho alone and asks how much does I-Rang know about the affair. He tells her she knows it all, and also that Jung-Min and his mother also do. Meanwhile, So-Ra invites Jung-Min for dinner so they can end things on a peaceful note.

Jeong-Suk later goes out to eat with I-Rang and tells her that she knows about her dad and Eun-Seo. She apologizes to burden her with all this drama but I-Rang says she’s also an adult and can handle things. Meanwhile, Eun-Seo lashes out and breaks down over not being able to apply to all the colleges that I-Rang can do due to her hand injuries.

So-Ra and Jung-Min meet and the former tells him about Jeong-Suk knowing about the affair. Jung-Min says he’ll take care of that on his own and swiftly departs, breaking things on a sad and bitter note. His mother and children demand answers regarding what he’s to do with Jeong-Suk and Seung-Hi but In-Ho can only say that he doesn’t want a divorce.

Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk meets Mi-Hee who consoles her best friend before getting drunk and lashing out at In-Ho. She later asks what Jeong-Suk is going to do regarding her relationship with In-Ho, and tells her if a divorce will make her unhappy, she shouldn’t go through with it, although if she does, she’ll celebrate it.

Seung-Hi comes and meets Jeong-Suk at the terrace where she asks why she should leave the hospital, and also asks her to divorce her husband. She also argues that they’re both the same since Jeong-Suk took her man away after getting pregnant. Jeong-Suk tells her that Eun-Seo’s unhappiness is the price of her actions.

Later, an electric short-circuit triggers a fire at the dorms and smoke fills Jeong-Suk’s room. Roy Kim and In-Ho both run to save Jeong-Suk when they learn that a fire has broken out. Roy Kim manages to carry Jeong-Suk and get out of the room, where In-Ho arrives and takes over the carrying responsibility.

Roy Kim messages Jeong-Suk to stay over at his house, under the guise of providing shelter for all those affected by the fire. She is hesitant but So-Ra convinces her by accompanying her. There, So-Ra cheekily asks Roy Kim to make his move on Doctor Cha, also telling him that In-Ho has a child with Seung-Hi.

When In-Ho learns from Jung-Min that Jeong-Suk stayed over at Roy Kim’s, he’s furious and this anger turns into a heated up verbal exchange at the meeting. Chief Yoon tries to get them to calm down but fails to do so. In private, Roy Kim apologizes to In-Ho for his behavior but In-Ho grills him for being indecent in approaching Jeong-Suk.

Doctor Cha episode 11 ends with In-Ho and Roy Kim trying to stop Chief Yoon and Chief Im’s fight, only for them to begin fighting, which soon devolves into a full-blown physical brawl.


  • Doctor Cha episode 11 is a great installment and seeing Jeong-Suk confront Seung-Hi and In-Ho is cathartic but what’s more interesting is her clashes with Seung-Hi, as the latter poses some valid arguments for the unfair things she’s had to experience while also acknowledging the bad things she has done.
  • It’s genuinely sad to see Seung-Hi and her daughter hurting so badly, while the absolute cowardice of In-Ho continues to surprise no one.
  • It’s troublesome to see what the show is offering in terms of the arguments in favor of Jeong-Suk remaining married to In-Ho since if it does end up being a reality down the line, it’d be the biggest bummer of all.
  • The humor though low towards the end of the episode is very enjoyable as the constant dogfight between the two Chiefs is transported onto Roy Kim and In-Ho.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 11
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 11 recap & review 1

Kim Dae-jin, Kim Jung-wook

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2023-05-20 20:30

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