Doctor Cha season 1 episode 4 recap & review

In Doctor Cha episode 4, Jeong-Suk contends with the struggles that the demanding job as a medical resident offers, while making earth-shattering realizations about her husband’s promiscuity.


Doctor Cha episode 3 picks up at the chaotic moment during the group dinner, where Jeong-Suk is enjoying life in all her drunken stupor, later making eveyone dance and have fun with her at the karaoke.

She later hitches ride with Roy Kim on his bike and truly feels free for the first in a long time. She pens a heartwarming letter to her daughter, asking her to give her the encouragement and support just like she’s been given so many times by her mother. I-Rang’s attitude towards Jeong-Suk improves a bit after that.

Jeong-Suk’s mother seems to have a suspicious lump growing on her back, which may or may not be cancerous. Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk’s tensions with Dr. Jeon continue to persist and be hilarious.

It’s also revealed that Dr. Jeon and Jung-Min’s relationship at the hospital is totally different from the one in their private lives — they’re in a passionately romantic relationship.

However, at the hospital, she continues to be merciless, which is no different a case when it comes to Jeong-Suk, who also gets a loud and disrespectful telling off for a mistake. Jung-Min consoles his mother and keeps helping her out through the numerous issues she faces.

The two most troubling patients she can’t seem to make any progress with are Chairman Oh, who flips out and refuses to have a colostomy bag, and another patient who refuses surgery and also happens to be a handcuffed criminal.

Roy Kim, however, is more confident in her ability to make breakthroughs with both of them than she herself is. Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk meets Seung-Hi again and in a casual conversation, apologizes for what happened to her twenty years ago.

Jeong-Suk finds out a receipt for a very expensive diamond bracelet from In-Ho’s pant’s pocket and when she asks him about it, he saves himself by lying that it’s a surprise birthday gift he had planned for her. Later, he goes to buy another one of the same bracelet for her.

At the hospital, when Chairman Oh is flatlining, Jeong-Suk assist Dr. Jeon to help revive him. However, she is soon distracted by In-Ho and Seung-Hi running into each other and acting all smiley and coy with each other, just as the bracelet that he bought her, shines brightly in Seung-Hi’s wrist, dazzling and distracting Jeong-Suk, who ends up getting shocked by the defribillator.

She falls down on the floor and falls unconscious, as Doctor Cha episode 4 rolls the credits.


  • Doctor Cha episode 4 diverts the focus to more dramatical elements as many new challenges plague Jeong-Suk’s personal and professional lives.
  • The aforementioned problems don’t even account for what could be the biggest shocks to Jeong-Suk as her mother seems to be suffering from a potentially terminal condition.
  • Jung-Min’s relentless support of his mother is very endearing and his frustrations do seem understandable as the poor guy can’t catch a break surviving with his father, his girlfriend and his mother all moving about with their respective imposing personalities.
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