Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Playbook

In the sixth episode of Rabbit Hole, Weir’s new team attempts to bring Senator Nora Evers on their side by orchestrating a heist for her. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


In the year 1983, in Central America, Ben and Crowley face problems during a mission as the person they were grooming dies due to a heroin overdose. Crowley asks Ben if they should sell power to the highest bidder or keep it for themselves.

In the present, Senator Nora Evers promotes the Shared Data Act. She gains momentum, while other candidates abruptly drop out of running for the presidency.

Weir is still struggling with the fact that his team is dead. He is having a hard time trusting his father, Ben, who apologizes, but to no avail. Weir now looks forward to getting done with this mission as quickly as he can.

Weir’s team manages to get a hold of Nora Evers. Weir informs her that they know someone is illegally feeding millions of dollars to her and her campaign.

Evers isn’t afraid that Weir will expose her; she is more afraid of the person who has a lot of data on her. One day, they sent a car for her, blindfolded her, and brought her in front of a box that had a briefcase inside it.

The briefcase had some highly compromising information. If that information gets out, anyone who has Nora’s surname will make sure to change it.

After hearing this, Weir proposes to bring that briefcase to her if she gives him enough intel on Crowley. Nora only remembers the number of the box. She doesn’t know the location because she was blindfolded. Weir still asks her to describe where she was picked up from.

Homm overhears their conversation and guesses that the box’s location has to be 1550 Girard, an ultra-secure private depository used by shady rich people. Considering that Weir has some talented people on his team, Evers gives him a chance.

Weir prepares a plan that also includes Evers’ bodyguard, Lanneman. To access their box at 1550 Girard, a client has to sign in and enter their box number. They are then given a specific route to walk because the whole place is surrounded by infrared motion sensors.

A client gets an escort, and if the client even touches the wrong path, the place goes into shutdown. Weir is going to walk in with a case that looks like the one in Evers’ vault. They will distract the escort, switch the cases, and go out.

On their first visit, Weir buys a box for himself and clicks the picture of the master key that escorts have. The boxes open with the master key and the one given to the clients. Weir copies the master key and plans to pick the other lock on Evers’ box. Then he will replace her suitcase.

Ben is not included in this mission, but Hailey will be involved because Weir wants to use the money she has stolen from her boss and deposit it in their account because that’s the amount 1550 Girard asks for if they are going to use their facility.

Hailey questions Weir’s plan and wonders if all of this is Weir’s trick to steal her money. Weir agrees that this is what he does in real life. Despite knowing this, Hailey puts her trust in Weir and transfers the money he needs.

Hailey also notices that he is texting someone. She suspects that he is trying to connect with Valence, though he is dead. She tells Ben about this, who likes to think that Weir needs help.

The next day, Weir puts his plan into motion. Hailey is tasked to take a tour of 1550 Girard, while Weir and Lanneman will go for the suitcase. Using an infrared laser pen, Hailey triggers fake alerts, causing a distraction.

Lanneman acts like he has claustrophobia. The escort comforts Lanneman. Weir grabs the chance and switches the suitcase. Unfortunately, he leaves the fake master key behind. Hailey takes a big risk and manages to retrieve it for them.

As predicted by Ben, Lanneman betrays Weir at the last moment. He grabs the suitcase for himself and leaves. Weir’s team gathers, and Weir reveals that he has handed Lanneman the fake suitcase and left the real one in his new locker.

With that, Senator Evers is forced to meet Weir at the decided location. After the heist, Weir thanks Hailey for putting her trust in him, and they share a kiss.

Amidst all of this, Kyle, the intern, is ordered to kill Senator Evers. Kyle involves his girlfriend in this mission, and she gets the job done. After that, Kyle kills her and throws her body away. Weir’s team wonders why Crowley killed his own candidate.

Weir explains that this is about passing the legislation that the senator campaigned on. There are already people opposing the Shared Data Act.

By having Evers killed, Crowley wants to make her look like a martyr who died protecting everyone from the people opposing her. Her being a martyr guarantees that her legislation will be passed.

While Ben, Homm, and Hailey watch the news of Evers’ death, Weir receives a message on his tablet. In the message, the person apologizes to Weir. They claim that they had to make it look real. It is hinted that this person is none other than Miles Valence.


  • The sixth episode brings another exciting heist to the show. The only problem is that this is where the viewers will now start understanding the pattern of Weir’s deceptions. The heist is just as predictable as it is exciting.
  • The show also continues to lie about the deaths and events of the past, as it now hints that Miles Valence never really died in the first place and that Ben could have been responsible for Weir’s team’s death. So far, it has been smooth sailing. More of these lies may end up making the show complicated and confusing.
  • Lastly, Weir’s new team is being established as capable. By the end of the first season, Homm is destined to be a fan favorite. He brings a great mix of knowledge and comic relief.
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 6
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Playbook 1

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