Extrapolations season 1 episode 6 recap & review: 2066: Lola

Extrapolations season 1 episode 7 follows a Ezra, who works as an artificial companion in 2066, cured of his summer heart but suffering from vascular dementia.


Extrapolations episode 6 opens with Ezra preparing for another gig as he embodies a man named David’s image through high-tech lenses and advanced impersonation skills, including nailing any accent.

Natasha is a single mom in London, and she employs Ezra as her daughter’s father, and lately he’s made a lot of progress with the little one. Ezra uses the memories saved in the Cache Cloud to make his work more immersive.

It’s the same space he uses to store his memories of his late wife Lola, as well as other important memories, including those of his mother and grandmother. Recently, his vascular dementia has gotten a lot worse. Lola’s memories are fading away quicker than usual.

To see her memories on the cloud, he needs to remove more and more of the other memories that he deems unnecessary. This also clears up space for housing the memories related to the clients and his subjects that he wants to impersonate.

As it gets more and more crowded, he has to delete all the memories that are not related to Lola. Meanwhile, a Tsunami crashes the Cache Cloud server and all the memories of Lola get lost. To retrieve them, Ezra finds a hacker who demands a hefty sum, which he can only afford to pay by adding the physical services in his portfolio.

He connects with Natasha intimately following his emotional breakdown at forgetting Lola, before they have sex.

Meanwhile, the hacker raises his fee and Ezra has to go on a job that leaves him with a black eye and blood all over his face, but the bigger pain comes from Natasha, who terminates his services after he charges for the sex they had.

He tries to explain his desperation but she tells him to move on. They both eventually come together and Ezra opts to not chase after Lola’s marriage.

Extrapolations epsiode 6 ends with Ezra living a rather happy life with Natasha and his daughter, capable of only stare at the ads of the Whale and pregnancy medication as they both fail to just about remind him of his mother and wife.


  • Extrapolations delivers its most heart-wrenching episode in 2066: Lola, as Ezra Haddad returns to end his family’s story on a really tragic point.
  • Tahar Rahim renders a beautiful performance and it’s hard to look at what he’s done and not be moved by his pain.
  • The ending scene of the episode perhaps deals the saddest moment in all of Extrapolations thus far, as the commentary on capitalism’s undying thirst to steal away everything from the working class is made all the more poignant.
Extrapolations season 1 episode 6
Extrapolations season 1 episode 6 recap & review: 2066: Lola 1

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