Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Person in Your Ear

The fourth episode of Rabbit Hole sees Hailey and Homm join Ben and Weir in a mission to get their hands on Crowley through a member of his network. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


The intern who worked at Weir’s office and turned on him is revealed to be the person responsible for pushing Xander off the office balcony. Xander was assigned a simple job, and he wasn’t able to accomplish it, and that’s why he had to pay the price.

Later on, Agent Jo Madi looks into the CCTV footage at Arda Analytics and identifies the intern walking into the building.

Weir, Ben, Hailey, and Homm have arrived at a new hideout, from where a person can actually hear the other from another room. Ben has spent time on Valence’s communications data. So far, he hasn’t found anything that would link to who called or texted Valence before his death.

A further look into the data results in Weir finding out that his friend Valence has been buying NFTs, which is unusual because Valence didn’t like any kind of art.

Homm hears their conversation from the other room and reveals that through art, Valence was being paid. Homm also guesses that the emails related to NFT are probably from a man named Elliot Gao.

Homm volunteers to talk once he is allowed to see his wife. Homm watches his wife from a CCTV camera installed in his house. It turns out that she is not at all sad, even though her husband is believed to be dead.

Once he is shown his wife, Homm reveals that Elliot Gao is someone he is investigating. Gao is a high-end money launderer, a billionaire who launders money for bigger billionaires.

Gao is making use of NFTs because the easiest way to launder money is by privately buying and selling certain kinds of assets that are non-fungible. Gao acts like a middleman for those who want to move money easily and anonymously. Basically, this is how Crowley moves money.

Weir pitches Ben to grab this chance and mess with Crowley’s money pipeline, as in Gao, and get Crowley out in the open. Weir plans to make Agent Jo Madi contact Gao. Once Gao sees the FBI’s number on his phone, he will get scared and contact Crowley.

Gao is hosting an event at his place in the next few days. They will send Hailey as Agent Jo Madi, scare him, and wait for his reaction.

Weir spends his time training Hailey for this mission. He instructs her to steal a magazine from a shop. Throughout this mock mission, he emphasizes that she should always listen to the man on the earpiece.

Hailey successfully carries out her mission. Obstacles like a cop come her way, but she flirts her way out of the shop.

Weir also makes Madi call Gao by sending her an anonymous tip; somewhere, Madi knows Weir is messing with her. Meanwhile, Homm learns from the CCTV cameras at his house that his wife is having an affair with their neighbor, Kevin.

The day of the event comes, and Hailey is sent to Gao’s residence as Agent Jo Madi. She questions Gao about Miles Valence, his NFT trades with him, and their email exchanges.

Hailey is forced to back out after spotting her old boss, Craig Payne. She discloses to Weir that she stole money from Payne before leaving her job. Payne was evicting poor people from their houses and trying to get Hailey to cover this mess up.

When Hailey pushed back, she got fired. She has stolen a total of $26 million in Bitcoin. After hearing that, Weir instructs Hailey to abort the mission. Unfortunately, Crowley has spotted her and is now questioning Gao.

Hailey’s old boss, Payne, also knows about her presence here because the people in the blue car have arrived at the venue. This forces Weir to tell Hailey to hang tight.

Weir picks Homm up, and they both break into the place. Homm stalls the men from the blue car by trapping them inside the elevator. Weir, on the other hand, plans to meet Homm in the east stairwell.

Back inside, Hailey has been caught and brought in front of Gao. Soon, Crowley walks in, and he is none other than Ben. He orders Hailey’s mouth to be shut.

Ben confronts Gao about talking to the FBI, and a nervous Gao says what he told Agent Jo Madi. He said that Crowley is not offshoring his money and is just concealing his source from the Treasury Department. Gao also takes the name of Intaverse.

During their conversation, Gao’s phone keeps ringing with messages. He checks to see who it is and immediately clicks the picture of Ben to send it to this person on his phone. The real Crowley is texting Gao, and Ben was pretending to be Crowley.

After seeing Ben’s picture, Crowley recognizes him. He orders his men to kill Ben and Hailey. Weir kills the power of the building at the right time. Hailey uses her Krav Maga to take down Gao’s men.

Weir, Ben, Hailey, and Homm successfully escape the place. Ben believes they have lost their advantage; Crowley now knows he is alive.

Homm reveals that Intaverse is a web media company that owns the website GetTugether.com. This site allows its users to have consensual affairs on the platform. Half of the Washington, D.C. is signed up on the site.

A congressman who walked out last month was part of it and got outed by WikiLeaks. The congressman claimed that someone was blackmailing him. Weir and Ben come to the conclusion that Crowley is collecting information of this sort on politicians.

Weir says they are going to need a bigger team to take Crowley down. He needs his team back. When Hailey questions if he is talking about the team that was blown up, Weir lets her know that they are all pretty much still alive.


  • Rabbit Hole has now clearly established that the protagonists are trying to deceive not only the people around them but also the viewers watching the show. It is now hard to instantly believe the scenarios playing out in front of your eyes.
  • Ben as Crowley leaves you with a big shock initially, and though it is revealed that he is acting, the viewers won’t feel disappointed at all. The same goes for the revelation of Weir’s team being alive. The team had some intriguing characters, and not having them for the rest of the show certainly was not a great decision.
  • Until Weir’s team comes, the fourth episode offered an odd team consisting of Weir, Ben, Hailey, and Homm. The show gives each one of them enough time, and Hailey and Homm, despite being amateurs, stand out, promising that this odd team is quite entertaining to watch.
  • Lastly, another thing to appreciate about Rabbit Hole is that it provides enough developments to keep the viewers hooked on the show. Crowley may or may not show up this season, but all the mysteries surrounding him offer a lot to look forward to.
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 4
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Person in Your Ear 1

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