Hijack season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Not Responding

In the fourth episode of Hijack, one of the hijackers is critically wounded, and flight KA29 faces the threat of being shot down by the Romanian military. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+. 


A woman who had been looking for Lizzy is killed by Stuart. He then asks all the passengers to return to their seats within ten seconds. If they fail to comply, they will also be killed. 

At the last second, Lizzy comes back to her mother, and they return to their seats. The hijackers now have everything under control. Sam is also tied up by Terry. One of the hijackers, Jaden, then allows the old man to take his medicine.

Lewis, a hijacker, confronts Stuart about killing a passenger, and Stuart tells him that it was needed to be done. He asks him to remember that they are doing this for Edgar and John. 

It turns out that Lewis was stabbed by a passenger earlier. He asks Deevia to give him first aid in the back, where Sam is tied up. Meanwhile, Marsha gets a call from someone, possibly the people working with the hijackers, to confirm Sam’s address.  

Sam tries to help Lewis, and he admits that he is only doing it because he wants to go home to his family. Sam asks him to seek help from a doctor, if there is one on board. Lizzy’s father, David, is a doctor, but his wife does not let him tell that to anyone.

When Bucharest ATC contacts the plane, they do not receive an answer, as Stuart thinks that Romania is a British ally and will not shoot the plane down. However, Romanian military jets do show up and threaten to take action if they do not get a response. 

The British foreign secretary tries to convince the Romanian government not to shoot the plane down, but since no one knows what the hijackers intend to do, the plane continues to be a threat. 

The hijackers force the passengers to shut down their blinds. Realizing that they are in danger, Colette opens a blind, and the Romanian military jets see her. Jaden attacks her and closes the blind, but not without the jets taking note of the gun in his hand.

The captain also speaks to Stuart and tells him that Romania will shoot them down if they do not respond, even if they are a British ally. He allows the captain to respond to Bucharest ATC, but he is unable to do so, as Stuart had earlier broken his headset.

Lewis’ bleeding does not stop, and his condition gets worse. Sam tries to keep him awake by getting Lewis to talk about his mother. Sam takes out Lewis’ phone to show him his mother’s picture and realizes that the wifi is on.

Lewis thinks he is not going to make it, so Sam calls his mother and makes him speak to her. However, before calling his mother, he calls Marsha and leaves a voicemail. 

Sam tries to send her a message by mentioning the fact that his hands are tied. He also states Lewis’ mother’s name and number. Marsha realizes that Sam’s plane was indeed hijacked. She calls Daniel and tells him about the voicemail.

Daniel, who is now working with counterterrorism to solve this crisis, thinks that Sam is trying to tell them something; this is the only contact they have had from the plane.

With the help of Sam’s message, they figure out that the terrorists are part of a huge organized crime based in London. The hijackers are all British nationals, which means that the foreign secretary can assure the Romanian government that their target is the UK, not Romania.

Just before the Romanian government takes action, the foreign secretary informs them that this is not an act of terrorism, and the Romanian government agrees not to take military action against the plane. 

At the same time, David goes against his wife’s wishes and tells the hijackers that he is a doctor. He goes to help Lewis, who is not breathing anymore. Sam and David work together to save Lewis’ life, and they succeed.

Another hijacker, Jamie, then finds Lewis’ phone and switches it off. Colette stands up to Jaden and asks the passengers to open their blinds. The passengers do what she says as Jaden watches helplessly.

Marsha comes home, but her son, Kai, is nowhere to be found. Additionally, the British home secretary receives the hijackers’ demands.


  • The fourth episode sees a passenger getting murdered by the hijackers. However, the murder is almost insignificant, as the audience does not see anything. It is the following countdown that is more thrilling.
  • Sam’s character keeps the episodes exciting, even though the incidents are not very realistic. In this episode, he once again uses his wits to send a message to the authorities and save the lives of all the passengers. 
  • The portrayal of Lewis’ character is quite interesting. He is depicted as a common man who is just as scared as anyone else rather than limiting him to the role of an evil hijacker. The episode will make the audience sympathize with him. 
Hijack season 1 episode 4
Hijack season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Not Responding 1

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