Secret Invasion season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Beloved

Episode 4 of Secret Invasion brings the Skrull’s intentions onto center stage as Fury proves to be a constant wrench in their plans. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


G’iah suddenly gets up as the bullet wound heals. It is then revealed that she reached into Dr. Rosa Dalton’s mind and figured out how to experiment on herself to give her superpowers.

Priscilla goes to church, where she was ordered to be, and meets Colonel Rhodes, who turns out to be a Skrull. He tells Priscilla that she must kill Fury or else he will do it himself.

Fury is listening in on this conversation thanks to a surveillance device he placed on Priscilla. Gravik and a team of Skrulls get on a plane as Pagon expresses some concerns.

Gravik ensures there is nothing to worry about and then reminds Pagon that whatever they’re going to do must look like it is the Russians’ doing. G’iah and Talos discuss what’s next for them now that she’s been exposed as a traitor.

Talos insists they can still negotiate a plan for the Skrulls to live on Earth if they stop the insurgency, but G’iah wants them to find a planet of their own where they can live in their skin.

Priscilla returns home and sits down with Fury face-to-face. He admits that he is aware of what her orders are, and the two of them place their guns on the table.

They discuss their past and reminisce before both of them fire wide. They part ways as Priscilla says that she can take care of herself if they come after her.

Fury confronts Rhodey in his hotel suite and offers him a drink. He continues to pretend that Rhodey isn’t a Skrull but makes veiled threats to him. Rhodey brings out a USB with a recording of Fury shooting Maya Hill and uses it as a deterrent.

Fury leaves and then waits in his car with Talos because the drink that Rhodey had included a tracker in it. They follow him to a runway as Rhodey receives President Ritson who is in England for important peace talks.

Their convoy is attacked by Gravik and the other Skrulls who impersonate Russians to make this an act of war. Fury and Talos arrive to help the President escape and reinforcements come in soon after.

Fury succeeds in getting an unconscious President Ritson out of his overturned vehicle and into his own but Talos is shot before Gravik poses as one of the British soldiers and kills Talos right in front of Fury.

Fury is forced to leave Talos’ body behind and retreat with the President because that is the mission.


  • The MCU has a habit of not following through on deaths and reducing their emotional impact but on this occasion, they have executed the fake out successfully. G’iah barely got a chance to influence the story and her survival is neatly explained here.
  • The reveal that Rhodey is also a Skrull might have been predicted by many but it was still carried out effectively. The war of attrition between him and Fury to see who blinks first is brilliant.
  • Talos’s death is yet another significant moment in the series and follows up on Maya Hill’s demise. Having it happen right in front of Fury’s eyes and showing the devastation on his face is a magnificent scene.
Secret Invasion season 1 episode 4
Secret Invasion season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Beloved 1

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