King the Land season 1 episode 13 recap & review

In King the Land season 1 episode 13, Won and Sa-Rang have to tussle with some awkward moments between them before the former offers his presentation to the board.


When Sa-Rang hears Won’s father talk about his marriage with Yu-Ri, she inadvertently drops the plate, prompting her superior to intervene and ask her out of the room. While helping her clean up the mess, Won asks if she’s okay.

She is distraught and later sleeps through his missed calls as he has another funny encounter with the police, this time it’s a cop couple with their own romantic troubles. Later on, Won visits the same restaurant Sa-Rang took her, and she eventually arrives too.

She asks for some time as he expresses worries about her breaking up, which she dispels with a laugh, reassuring him that nothing like that’s happening he reassures her about not marrying Yu-Ri, as Sa-Rang cheers up again.

Won also promises to disband the Dream Team as she expresses doubts about that step taking away the employees’ opportunities to earn the handsome money that the aforementioned team offers. He later gets on working to give the presentation to the board.

At the meeting, while Hwa-Ran’s presentation focuses on cost-cutting measures that project over ten billion in revenue per year, Won’s presentation pitches an entirely new idea that entails making King the Land an international chain of hotels, with over 35 billion won in annual revenue.

Il-Hoon is mesmerized by his son’s presentation and announces he’s to be the hotel president from the next month, causing Hwa-Ran to fume like a furnace and enact her revenge.

Meanwhile, Ji-Hu actually develops a wholesome relationship with Sa-Rang, who teaches him how to respect others irrespective of their status and treats him like a younger brother.

He later asks Il-Hoon for playing with Sa-Rang, and the grandfather obliges, asking Sa-Rang to indulge him as a personal request. The two bond even more and later, she asks Won to spend some time with the kid too.

The three of them spend some quality time and Won also imparts some great lessons on the young one. Won also meets Kim Ok-Ja and learns about the reason his mother left. Although still wanting to meet her, he lies to Sa-Rang about not feeling any unease regarding the same.

The two spend some intimate time as a spy photograph and record them from outside Sa-Rang’s home, just as King the Land episode 13 rolls the credits.


  • The more serious parts of the show unravel as it nears the end, and to alleviate the mood there exist a couple of comic relief moments.
  • Apart from the adorable moments Sa-Rang and Gu Won bonding with Ji-Hu, there is one involving cops who mistake Won for being a stalker. The scene is not laugh-out-loud but works fine for a breather after the tense scenes that precede it.
  • The other part of the episode that’s intended for comic relief, and erroneously so, is the one where Gang Da-Eul confronts her slacker of a husband who bunks on his anniversary to go play golf since he’s been fired from his job.
  • This points to a wider issue with the show where it detracts and diminishes from the storylines involving the supporting characters, all of which can do a lot better if given proper time and treatment. So far, Da-Eul and Pyeong-Hwa’s storylines have felt rather anemic.

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