The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Love Fool

In the fifth episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2, Belly and her friends spend the night at the country club, where Jeremiah comes to terms with his feelings for Belly. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video.


When the teenagers return to the beach house and find it empty, Conrad loses his temper. He confronts Julia and accuses her of wanting to fight Susannah. He says hurtful things to her about their grandfather loving their mother more than her before storming out.

Julia had taken this decision with Conrad and Jeremiah’s father, so Conrad is just as angry at his father as he is at Julia. Jeremiah believes that their father is there for them when they need him and that Conrad cannot see that. 

Jeremiah used to look up to Conrad, but everything that happened in the last year has changed that. Skye does not approve of her mother’s actions, and she lets her know that she cannot defend her. She decides to stay with the others for the night. 

As the gang does not have a place to spend the night, Jeremiah takes them to the country club, and Cam uses his mother’s keycode to let them in. Jeremiah goes to look for a room where they can all sleep and asks Belly as well as Conrad to join him, but they both refuse. 

Jeremiah thinks about how he took so long to notice what is between Conrad and Belly. When Conrad and Belly wished to be together, Jeremiah wanted to tell Conrad that he had no right to be with Belly, but Belly chose him.  

When Conrad had talked to Jeremiah about dating Belly, Jeremiah begrudgingly gave the couple his blessing because Conrad told him that he and Belly wanted to be together and that it hurt him not to be able to express his love to her.

Now, Jeremiah admits to himself that he still has feelings for Belly. He has failed to keep her at arm’s length as he had intended, so he keeps telling himself that Belly will always love Conrad, not him. 

Belly goes to the screening room with Jeremiah, and it is evident that they like each other. Jeremiah tells her that he missed her and wanted to call her when they were not speaking. Belly lets him know that she would have come if he had called her. 

When Cam tells Conrad and Skye about a boy, Liam, who got access to his trust fund against his parents’ wishes by going to court, Conrad thinks about doing the same to save the house. He shares the idea with Jeremiah.

When Conrad tells Jeremiah that Belly missed having him as a friend, Jeremiah thinks about how it used to bother him to see Conrad and Belly together, which made him keep his distance from her. 

Meanwhile, Steven asks Taylor to imagine that it is the deb ball, and he is her date. He asks her to dance with him, and Taylor agrees when he insists. While dancing, the two of them almost kiss but are interrupted by Jeremiah and Conrad.

The friends decide to leave the screening room and sleep outside. When Belly talks to Taylor about Steven, she admits that he hurt her too much last year and she cannot get over it. 

On the other hand, Belly tells Taylor that she will probably never love anyone the way she loved Conrad, but she thinks that there could be something between her and Jeremiah. Later, when the friends decide to play truth and dare, Skye dares Jeremiah to kiss Belly.

Jeremiah thinks about how he started liking Belly the moment he saw her last year, but it soon became clear to him that he never had a chance, so he dismisses the dare as childish. The attention then shifts to Cam, who talks about losing his sister.

Before going to sleep, Steven approaches Taylor and apologizes for making things weird when they danced together, but Taylor tells him that she did not hate it. On Belly’s behalf, Taylor had earlier texted their volleyball coach. The coach replies that it will be best if Belly dose not rejoin the team just yet.

Belly decides to talk to Jeremiah and asks him why he would not kiss her. Jeremiah asks her to stop approaching that topic but tells her that if he kisses her, he does not know if he will be able to stop. He does not know what he means by that, as everything is complicated.

When Conrad took Belly to prom and messed up, Jeremiah kept thinking about how he would have done everything right if he had taken her. That day, Susannah realized that he still has feelings for Belly. 

She comforted her son but made him promise that he and Conrad will never let anything come between them and that they will always put each other first. Jeremiah believes that his mother and Belly are the only people who truly saw him.

When Belly tells him how she went through his pictures on her mother’s phone because she wanted to be with him when he graduated, Jeremiah’s views change. As he goes to sleep with Belly right next to him, he wonders if he could be the one for Belly, and not Conrad, for the rest of the story.

The next day, Conrad tells Jeremiah that he contacted Liam and got his lawyer’s number. Jeremiah will not let him do this alone and will be there to support him. However, they go back to the beach house and find out that they cannot do much, as Julia has sold it already.


  • This episode is told from Jeremiah’s perspective, and his side of the story is narrated well. While depicting Jeremiah’s past heartbreak, the episode creates a hopeful present for him, which prepares the ground for his and Belly’s romance.
  • Cam opening up about losing his sister and his biggest regret is a scene that builds up his character. Additionally, it is a touching scene.
  • This episode has plenty of romantic moments. It is almost like the characters were put in a bubble and made to confront their feelings. Some scenes, like the one with Belly and Jeremiah in the screening room, were shot in a way to give that impression, and it worked.
The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 5
The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Love Fool 1

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