Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Way Out

In the fifth episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, after being let go by Monarch, Cate, Kentaro, and May search for Hiroshi’s workplace in San Francisco. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Monarch is convinced that the kids know nothing about Hiroshi’s work. However, Lee is going to be their problem. Hence, Cate, Kentaro, and May are let go. The main motive is to see where they go next.

All three of them are handed new passports so that they can all go home. Though May wants to split, she can’t. After all, she has a copy of Bill’s files on the cloud.

Cate and Kentaro think their father could still be alive. They next plan to look for him using his office in San Francisco. The city has adapted to living in fear of Godzilla’s appearance.

A company called FEMA has helped many to relocate. Some have tried to bank on the situation by selling destroyed city tours before being walled by the military.

Cate’s mother’s friend, James, comes to pick up the kids at Cate’s mother’s insistence. Cate plans to tell her mother, Caroline, everything slowly and step-by-step. However, she doesn’t get a chance to do that, and Cate immediately tells her about who Kentaro is.

In a conversation later, Caroline reveals that she had an idea that Hiroshi was having an affair, but instead of confronting the truth herself, she pushed Cate to find out about it. Cate had locked herself in a room after G-Day, and Caroline wanted her to get out.

After an argument, Cate says that Caroline’s mission of giving her something to live for has been accomplished. She is going to Hiroshi’s office, which is in ruins. Caroline and James can take them inside the city. They collect people’s personal items from the ruins and are allowed to enter.

Caroline and James bribe a soldier to take the kids into the city. Cate, Kentaro, and May have to return before 8 in the morning. They can only come out with Caroline and James. If they are spotted inside the city, the soldiers will assume they are looters and won’t hesitate to shoot.

Exploring the city triggers Cate’s trauma from G-Day and takes her back to the past. It reveals that Cate was in a relationship she ruined a day before G-Day.

Kentaro and May comfort Cate, who thinks she doesn’t deserve this when she is always letting people down. May reminds Cate of what she did for her in Alaska to calm her.

After dodging the soldiers and hiding in subways, the group finds Hiroshi’s workplace, which is in a tower. Using the map in Hiroshi’s office and the one in Bill Randa’s files, the group finds out where Hiroshi could be next: Africa.

The group quickly leaves after making this discovery and returns to the gates in time. Amidst all of this, Monarch interrogated Lee and tried to extract information from him, only to learn how badly they were doing and that Bill Randa’s files might have everything that Lee knows.

Monarch gets one win over Lee when May calls them. Earlier, Monarch had noticed that May is quite intelligent and had used the information on her sister against her. It looks like May has made a deal with Monarch because she wants to go home.


  • The fifth episode is another filler following the fourth. Not much takes place here that will push the story forward. The search for Hiroshi continues.
  • What the episode does offer is a look into how regular people were reacting when the monsters appeared in 2014. It also gives us a look at how San Francisco, the city that got attacked, is surviving and thriving.
  • Cate’s trauma is explored further, which is an example of the loss citizens faced when Godzilla appeared. Away from Monarch solving their monster problems, the experience of regular citizens is definitely worth exploring, as it is something viewers haven’t seen much of in MonsterVerse.
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 5
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Way Out 1

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