My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 11 recap & review: My Mother’s Legacy

In My Happy Marriage episode 11, Miyo learns more about her mother and why she sealed her powers in her childhood.


Yoshirou takes Miyo to the past, to the years-long before she was born. The family business was in debt and the Saimori family extended a helping hand.

The offerer financial help in exchange for Sumi’s marriage to Shinichi. Sumi decided on her own and against Yoshirou’s wishes to marry Shinichi, becoming estranged from her family as a result.

Miyo then learns about her ability which is called Dream Sight. She later goes outside and touches the Cherry Blossom tree, which triggers a vision in which she sees that her mother sealed her powers to protect her from being exploited.

Arata later reveals to her that she’s to serve as the Maiden of the Dream-Sight and that his purpose is to protect her. He also reveals that he’d be happy to marry her in the future as well. Meanwhile, Miyo’s powers are finally unsealed.

She shortly learns about Kiyoka getting injured, which happened thanks to one of the Grotesqueries while protecting Godou.

Miyo insists on going to see him immediately but Arata repeatedly protests, until he eventually reveals to her that the Emperor wants her to stay within the confines of the Usuba household for some reason.

She wishes to visit Kiyoka no matter what and Yoshirou finally agrees to let her go.

Miyo arrives at the Kudo household and Arata suggests she use her powers to help an unconscious Kiyoka before My Happy Marriage episode 11 concludes.


  • It is heartening to see Miyo be so insistent and firm about what she wants when she makes it clear that she’s visiting Kiyoka no matter what.
  • Arata’s incestuous purpose in life is annoying, to say the least. However, he’s not an irredeemable person as he proves in several instances, including the one where he suggests a way to help Kiyoka.
  • My Happy Marriage episode 11 also sets the stage for Kiyoka and Miyo’s reunion, which is very likely to be the heart-touching and adorable event that many might be expecting it to be.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 11
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 11 recap & review: My Mother's Legacy 1

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