My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Gift

In My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 4, Miyo works on a gift for Kiyoka who pays her family a visit.


In Miyo’s dream, her mother pleads with her father to not abandon their daughter after determining she has no gift. Sumi says he’s wrong but Shinichi’s adamant that he’s right and that he can’t love Miyo because they’re not an ordinary family.

Miyo wakes up and later decided to give Kiyoka a return gift. Yurie suggests making something instead of buying it and hands her a book of handicrafts for beginners. She later tags along with Miyo to the market to shop for raw materials for a braid.

Yurie has to buy salt before they head off home, and asks Miyo to stay at the spot for a while. Moments later, Miyo is surprised to see her sister Kaya arrive with her husband Kouji.

Kaya takes no time to berate Miyo, loudly relishing presumptions about her sister’s marriage and her fiance’s treatment of her. Miyo is again sent off to the same self-hating zone she’s gotten used to living with the Saimori family.

Yurie returns and leaves with Miyo for home, but not before destroying Kaya’s fantasies about her sister’s pathetic married life, which obviously ticks her off. Meanwhile, Kiyoka visits the Saimori family and reveals that he will marry Miyo soon.

He also reveals that he knows how they treated Miyo and that he’ll agree to the dowry only on the condition that they apologize to her. Shocked Shinichi and Kanoko ask for some time to think about the apology, to which Kiyoka agrees, albeit with a demand that they hurry it up.

Upon returning, he sees the sorry state that Miyo is in and learns of her encounter with Kaya from Yurie. He wonders how Miyo’s confidence can be raised by people other than herself, if at all. Yurie pitches for love, which she claims can always do wonders.

He pens a most elegant letter and sometime later, Miyo gets a surprise visitor — Hana, the same maid who used to be the only one to care for her back at the Saimori household during her childhood. Miyo is overwhelmed to see her again and learn that she leads a happy life with her husband and child.

Hana also helps quell Miyo’s self-doubts and feelings of inadequacy that Kaya’s words contributed to earlier on. She shows her the letter she received from Kiyoka, which helps Miyo realize that her fiancé knows all about her life and family.

She runs off to his room and reveals the truth about herself and her upbringing, apologizing for not sharing all this earlier. He asks her not to apologize as he accepts her gift, and he asks her to tie his hair with herself.

She later bids farewell to Hana and Kiyoka reassures her that she can see her anytime. As Hana’s car departs, the Shiki-game from the last episode is shown to be used by none other than Minoru Tatsuishi, who bursts into anger seeing Miyo get along well with Kudo.

He then thinks of Kaya as an avenue he can use to take Miyo into his possession, as episode 4 of My Happy Marriage season 1 concludes.


  • My Happy Marriage episode 4 takes forward the bonding between Miyo and Kiyoka as the latter begins crucial work on the fractured Miyo.
  • It’s heartbreaking to see the effects of just one encounter with the sadistic Kaya can have on Miyo, to the extent that she’s all but verbally and physically incapacitated as her confidence and smile both perish quite dramatically.
  • It’s exciting to see what Tatsuishi has got in store to execute his plan of taking Miyo into his family’s possession.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 4
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Gift 1

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