Secret Invasion season finale recap, review, and ending explained

In the season finale of Marvel’s Secret Invasion, Gravik and Fury finally face off with the fate of the planet and the Skrulls in the balance. The episode is streaming on Disney+.

Episode 6 recap: Home

Fury calls up Priscilla to talk to her one last time before he heads into the lion’s den. He then shows up at the gates of the nuclear plant to take on Gravik.

Rhodey is trying to convince Ritson to go ahead with the attack on Russia but his other generals want to exercise caution until they find out exactly what is going on.

An aide walks in with new developments and Ritson is shown satellite images of Russian convoys mobilizing near the Finland and Ukraine borders, solidifying Rhodey’s insistence on the attack.

Fury begins to feel the effects of the radiation as he gets closer to the center where Gravik is waiting for him at the Super Skrull machine. Sonya calls Rhodey and tells him to get the President out of there because Fury is coming for him.

Rhodey goes into panic mode and immediately sends all of his men to sweep the hospital while they shift Ritson to a safer location. Gravik tells Fury that he’s the reason for all this chaos and destruction because he failed to deliver on his promise to the Skrulls.

Fury admits to messing up and says that he wanted to make Earth their home but was never able to change the hearts and minds of the humans living on it.

He hands Gravik the Harvest and tells him to leave the planet and go wipe off some other species from their planet. Gravik confirms that the sample is pure and then runs the machine with him and Fury in the middle of it.

Rhodey’s men are taken out with tranquilizers systematically and he is ambushed by Sonya who holds a gun to his head.

Secret Invasion ending explained:

What happens between Fury and Gravik?

As soon as the process is complete, Gravik lays the beatdown on Fury but he fights back and it is revealed that Fury is actually G’iah in disguise, and now she is now a Super Skrull as well.

They fight each other with everything they have, using the various new powers they have to counter everything the other throws at them. Gravik and G’iah are quite evenly matched until she ultimately gains the upper hand.

Gravik calls her weak just like her father, but she performs the killing blow and ends him once and for all. She then heads down to free all of the humans whose identities were assumed by the Skrulls, including Everett Ross and the real Rhodey.

What happens at the hospital?

As soon as Sonya has control of the situation, Fury walks in to convince the President that Rhodey is a Skrull in disguise and he needs to call off the attack on Russia.

Ritson has a gun in his hand but isn’t sure who to trust as Rhodey tells him that Fury is being insane. The Colonel sees an opening and breaks away from Sonya but Fury shoots him in the head first.

As soon as his body changes to its original Skrull form, Ritson realizes that he needs to hurry and calls off the attack on the bunker.

What is the aftermath of the situation?

President Ritson addresses his people, announcing that he is aware of the Skrulls and will seek them out and kill them unless they leave Earth in a truly hateful message.

Sonya seeks G’iah and says they can work together and avoid the mistakes of Talos and Fury. They find an underground chamber filled with millions of humans under stasis, showing the true extent of the Skrull infiltration.

Fury says goodbye to Priscilla and heads back to S.A.B.E.R. and before he gets on, he calls Ritson to say that the President made the wrong choice which would mostly ruin his chances of a second term.

Priscilla shows up and says that she’d like to be with him rather than away from him and he says that she could definitely help with her diplomatic skills as the Kree are ready for peace talks with the Skrulls.

The two of them get on the ship ready to travel the galaxy together.


  • The CGI fight between G’iah and Gravik was wonky and hilarious at times. The details are impressive but certain transformations made their arms look ridiculously disproportionate to their bodies.
  • The bait and switch that led up to the fight, however, was well executed. Keeping Fury’s true location a mystery until that moment enhances the impact of his eventual reveal.
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir’s monologue to Fury is delivered brilliantly. He has been a decent villain so far and in he reserves his best for this episode with his grievances against Fury and Talos.
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Secret Invasion season finale recap, review, and ending explained 1

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