My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Ripples

In My Happy Marriage episode 5, Miyo’s life continues to improve with the help of Kiyoka, until Tatsuishi’s greed and Kaya’s jealousy threaten to rob everything away from her again.


Miyo is surprised to learn that the kimono she’s getting for herself is made from fabrics that Kiyoka chose himself. Blushed, she accepts the kimonos as Kudo is flustered.

Minoru Tatsuishi meets Kaya and shows her the photographic evidence of Miyo living a happy life with Kiyoka, which immediately makes her furious.

Before he can even say anything, Kaya stands up and agrees to help by asking her father to let her marry Kudo instead.

Meanwhile, Miyo prepares food for Godo who’s invited for dinner. Kiyoka’s underling has a blast and teases his superior in the presence of Miyo a couple of times, before leaving for home happy and satisfied.

Kaya goes to her father with her greedy request but Shinichi refuses to entertain it. Kaya then tells Koji about her arrangement regarding Miyo with his father. He later visits his father and sees some suspicious men leaving in a car.

He enters the room to find Kaya is already there. Asking her why she was there, she says it was to exchange fiancés with her elder sister. He tries to ask his father about it too but he only tells him to wait and see what transpires.

Meanwhile, with the help of Yurie, Miyo prepares lunch for Kiyoka and together, they deliver it to him. He’s surprised to see them there and a little embarrassed too.

Before responding to a junior’s call, he asks if Miyo has the amulet he gave her, and she says she has it in her bag.

However, soon she realizes that she has in fact forgotten it at home. As they scurry back home, Miyo is kidnapped by Tatsuishi’s men, who use their gifts to become invisible.

Yurie is unable to stop the act while Koji struggles to talk his fiancé and father out of this plan, even with his powers.

He later tries to use his powers when he learns how his father has never tried helping Miyo all while knowing how she was abused and treated at her household.

However, he’s no match for his much more powerful and experienced father, who uses his gift to restrain Koji easily.

His brother Kazushi later arrives, unties him, and encourages him to not keep sitting idly and go help Miyo. Koji’s determined to save Miyo as Yurie tells Kiyoka about the kidnapping.

He knows who’s behind it but before he can think more about it, Koji comes rushing to him, asking for help in saving Miyo, as My Happy Marriage episode 5 rolls the credits.


  • My Happy Marriage episode 5 is filled with wholesome, heartwarming moments before the story takes a dramatic turn for the worst.
  • Kiyoka and Miyo continue to be the most adorable couple in all anime as one can’t help but root for them.
  • It’s a bit hypocritical of Koji to be upset at his father for not doing anything to help Miyo while knowing how she has always been treated since it’s been the same with Koji.
  • Kaya’s extreme insecurity, hatred, greed, and jealousy are again given some explanation that has to do with how she’s been groomed by Kanoko into becoming such a person.
  • However, even with all those explanations, it doesn’t absolve her of any of the acts she’s committing and relishing at the moment, as her character continues to inspire the worst of emotional responses.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 5
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Ripples 1

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