National Treasure: Edge of History episode 4 recap & review: Charlotte

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ episode 4 sees a significant face from the past making a short return to the franchise and helping Jess solve the next piece of the puzzle.


Jess tries to work on the clues Elvis’s recording contains, but nothing comes to fruition. Liam invites her to his grandfather’s wake, and Jess attends it with Tasha and Oren.

The familiar face of Riley Poole makes a comeback to the franchise and attends Sadusky’s wake. He eventually gets asked by Tasha to help with the clues.

Meanwhile, Billie meets a board full of old white men, all presumable hunters or interested parties for the treasure. Billie reassures them that she will have the treasure and that she’s very close to it.

One of the old men tries to turn on her and take all her relics, but Kacey easily takes his henchmen out and Billie breaks no sweat thwarting this pointless and unsuccessful stab at the back.

Meanwhile, Riley and Jess get trapped inside Sadusky’s clue room and activate the anti-intruder measures. With constantly depleting oxygen levels, the two try their hardest to crack the password.

Meanwhile, Jess’s friends catch on to the fact that they’re trapped and start trying to open the door from outside. However, before they can do anything, Jess and Riley work together to successfully enter the right password and open the door.

Later, Jess and her friends brainstorm the next clue, while Riley provides a great bit of help, thanks to his treasure trove of trivia knowledge gathered through years of podcasting.

With the clue decoded, Riley departs while Liam makes the move on Jess, taking her by the waist before they kiss each other for the first time.

However, before Riley boards his private jet, Riley informs Jess that one of her friends is betraying her, citing the reason to be the recording of Elvis’s clue having made its way to other people as well.

While there’s no seal of confirmation on who’s the betrayer here, Jess’s spidey sense points her to one and the only suspect she can think of — Liam, the one person who was there with her when the tape was found.


  • ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ episode 4 delights in bringing back a familiar face while the usual affair of treasure hunting and clue solving remains a bore.
  • Riley, although somewhat of a heavyweight character within the group of Gen Z treasure hunters, he’s still very much the characteristically goofy man that he was sidekick-ing for Benjamin Gates.
  • The ending of ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ episode 4 sees all signs of suspicion leading to Liam, and it does make some sense why the grandson would want to undo the work and efforts of his grandfather, who he resents quite a bit.
  • However, the ending also seems like a misdirect and the real betrayer might be someone else all along.
National Treasure: Edge of History episode 4
National Treasure: Edge of History episode 4 recap & review: Charlotte 1

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