Platonic season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Divorce Party

In the fourth episode of Platonic, Sylvia throws a divorce party to cheer Will up. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Will is on a date with a girl younger than him. They arrive at the girl’s apartment and start getting intimate. However, things don’t go as Will expected, as his date’s roommate is home.

Will tells her that they can hang out later. On his way back, he checks Audrey’s social media again and gets furious, seeing how happy she is.

Meanwhile, Sylvia and Katie visit a divorce party for a friend. Sylvia explains to Katie that this party is all about uplifting their recently divorced friend with an impromptu speech. Sylvia gives an example of what she is going to say.

When the party begins, Katie is asked to make the speech first. She steals all of Sylvia’s words, leaving her friend with nothing. Sylvia then tells the story of her parents’ divorce. While her father’s story is encouraging, her mother’s isn’t, and it ruins the party.

Charlie acknowledges that Sylvia is going through a midlife crisis. He hopes to help her by handing her the number of Kirk Friedkin, who is apparently hiring. Stewart advises him not to be intense about it. He should hand her the card and let her get the job by herself.

Charlie doesn’t want this gesture to look like he is pitying Sylvia. Unfortunately, he fails to make this casual when he offers her the number. Sylvia prepares to talk to Friedkin, but she isn’t able to muster up the courage to even call him.

Instead of Friedkin, Sylvia calls Will and hangs out with him. After criticizing Audrey’s Instagram posts, Sylvia pitches that she can throw a divorce party for Will. The idea sounds good to Will, no matter how hard he tries to make fun of it.

Even Will wants this party to be future-oriented. Sylvia agrees with Will, and they decide to have this divorce party.

Back home, Charlie is bothered because Sylvia canceled the plan to buy the former assisted living facility, a decision she made with Will, which Charlie thinks she should have made with him.

Sylvia joins Will and his friends, Andy, Reggie, and Omar, for the divorce party. She arrives hiding from a friend from school who is at the same restaurant.

The night quickly becomes one about roasting Audrey, but as Sylvia decided, it should be future-oriented. However, Will’s friends continue to throw around ideas such as taking cocaine or going to strip clubs.

They agree on going to a strip club. Sylvia backs out of this plan, and Will isn’t ready to go anywhere without her. He convinces her to stay. If they can’t go to the strip club, Will and Sylvia decide to take cocaine instead.

After taking the cocaine, Sylvia learns that there is something else in the drug in the form of ketamine. Soon, Sylvia gets high and is hard to handle. She looks bad in front of her friend from school.

At a supermarket, she destroys a few bottles before Will picks her up and takes her home. When Sylvia wakes up, Will apologizes to her for being a stunted loser.

Sylvia shares how she is no less of a loser. Charlie had to set up an interview for her because she couldn’t figure out how to get one for herself.

Will tells her that if she can handle the drug they gave her, she can handle anything. He also thanks her for a great divorce party. He hardly thought about Audrey the whole night.

Sylvia then thinks of calling Friedkin right away, not realizing that it’s 2 a.m. She cuts the phone right away, but now he is calling back, worrying that this might be an emergency. Sylvia may have to change her number if she wants this job.

Once Sylvia leaves, Will texts his date and asks her out for dinner. Meanwhile, Sylvia sneaks into her bed, not knowing that Charlie is awake.


  • The fourth episode continues to follow the adventures of recently reconciled Will and Sylvia. However, now Charlie, who was fine with Sylvia and Will reconnecting, is in a place where Audrey once was. The animosity can clearly be felt.
  • Will might start becoming a problem for Charlie. For viewers, though, the friendship between Will and Sylvia stays true to the title of the show so far. Also, the show is more about the fun they have, and the real drama is still building up.
  • It’s crazy how different Will and Sylvia’s lives are, and yet somehow, they are both in a mess, one way or another. Rose Byrne’s ability to switch gears needs to be applauded. One minute she is fun-loving Will’s friend, and the next she acts just as annoying as Sylvia’s friend from school.
Platonic season 1 episode 4
Platonic season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Divorce Party 1

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