Spy x Family season 2 episode 9 recap & review

In the ninth episode of Spy x Family season 2, while Anya goes to her mother’s rescue, Loid finds out about another threat on the ship. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Yor’s fight with the swordsman continues. In the meantime, Anya has enjoyed the fireworks show. She freaks out the moment she remembers that she completely forgot about her mother.

Anya thinks about a way to get to her mother. That’s when Loid notices that the State Security Service is in a frenzy. It turns out that there is a bomb on this ship.

Anya reads minds and tells her father that she wants to play in the childcare center. This way, Loid is free to go and investigate the bomb situation.

Loid heads to where the bomb is, disguised as a member of the ship’s crew, claiming that he used to work in the bomb disposal unit in the Marines. Meanwhile, Anya escapes the childcare center after distracting the caretaker there to assist her mother.

Anya reads the mind of the hacker who had been assisting the assassins. He is leaving the ship with enough money made. He doesn’t want the surviving assassins to come after him.

Anya loses the hacker, but she does find the weapon her mother uses and where Yor is. Anya realizes that Yor is struggling because she doesn’t have a weapon in her hand.

With all the strength she has, Anya throws the weapon above, where Yor is fighting. Though the weapon doesn’t reach Yor, it accidentally takes out two assassins who were going for Olka, her son, and Zeb while Yor is busy fighting the swordsman.

After hearing a commotion near where Olka is hiding, Yor looks there and finds her weapon. She takes out the swordsman, while the Director shoots at the other assassin targeting Yor.

Yor wins, while Loid successfully defuses the bomb. What Loid finds strange is that the amount of explosives here isn’t enough to blow up the whole ship, which means there could be more bombs on board.

Anya learns that a bomb is inside a clock after reading the mind of an assassin who escaped Yor. The assassin figures out that their hacker has set them up to die and run away with all the money.

Anya relays this information to Loid by talking to a member of the ship’s crew and telling them that someone was messing up with the clock. The crew learns about the bomb, and so does Loid.

With the limited time they have with this bomb, Loid decides to grab the clock and throw it into the ocean. The hacker is confronted by the injured assassin who escaped Yor in the ocean. The bomb blasts near them, and their rescue boat gets destroyed, leaving them surrounded by sharks.

After saving the ship, Loid instructs a ship crew member to make an announcement to prevent panic, tell the crew to do a thorough check of the ship, and alert the State Security Service agents.

Yor shares an emotional goodbye with Olka and her son. Olka prays for a peaceful life for Yor and her family. The Director doesn’t see any problems anymore. They are going to wait for confirmation of the other boat that is going to pick Olka and her son up.

The Director doesn’t want Yor to let her guard down until the morning. He also asks Yor not to get sentimental. On a brighter note, he shares with Yor that her family has requested a meeting.

The Director will look for other assassins on board. Yor can go meet her family tomorrow. It’s a reward for completing this mission. Loid, on the other hand, has left everything in the State Security Service’s hands.

Anya was found by the caretaker at the childcare center. By the time Loid comes to pick her up, she is fast asleep. The Forger family and the people on the ship wake up to a beautiful sunrise as they reach their destination.


  • Spy x Family season 2 brings a packed episode that has a lot going on. The action part ends in the very first half, but the conspiracies continue to keep the audience’s interest piqued.
  • Anya is an adorable character who will continue to be well-liked by viewers, considering the efforts she puts into helping her parents. Meanwhile, the goodbye that Olka and Yor share is warm. Getting to know Olka and her son better in the past few episodes elevated this scene.
  • Overall, the ninth episode seems to be the end of this arc, and it pays off, as every member of the Forger family plays a part in making this episode successful.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 9
Spy x Family season 2 episode 9 recap & review 1

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