Welcome to Samdal-ri season 1 episode 2 recap & review

In Welcome to Samdal-ri episode 2, more of the fallout of the media debacle is shown as Sam-Dal finally stumbles upon Young-Pil.


The three sisters surprise their parents and while the father gets to learn why they’re back, the mother is kept in the dark because she would begin raging if she were to learn of Sam-Dal’s predicament.

Sam-Dal is depressed, sitting alone in the home when Young-Pil visits home for some usual business with Sam-Dal’s mother.

However, the aunt is not there and Sam-Dal tries to hide from him for obvious reasons, which only leads him to believe there’s been a break-in. He tries to discover the burglar’s identity and is shocked to see it’s Sam-Dal.

Meanwhile, the show delves into the fallout after Sam-Dal’s controversy, showing how she went to meet her assistant at the hospital but she turned a cold shoulder as media reporters hounded Sam-Dal.

Soon, the reporters were storming Sam-Dal’s home, and her sisters began making rounds online as well, with journalists and people digging into their pasts.

That’s when the sisters realize they’re left with only one place they can go to dissociate from all this chaos. In the present day, Sam-Dal’s mother finally gets to learn why her daughter has returned, through her friends.

Later, Sam-Dal texts her assistant while towing the edge of the steps down the river. Young-Pil comes to save her and falls down himself. She dives into the water to save him, as Welcome to Samdal-ri episode 2 ends.


  • Welcome to Samdal-ri delivers a good installment with its sophomore episode. Despite its runtime that’s similar to the first one, episode 2 feels like it goes by faster.
  • Sam-Dal and Young-Pil’s run-in is all sorts of cute and awkward and even as the ending moments of the episode dive into clichés, one waits for these two fated lovers to reunite and fall for each other again.
  • The mystery behind the Lamborghini-driving fifth member of the friend group that Sam-Dal and Young-Pil were part of better be worth it because teases so far don’t seem to be as promising.
Welcome to Samdal-ri season 1 episode 2
Welcome to Samdal-ri season 1 episode 2 recap & review 1

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