Gossip Girl season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Dress Me Up! Dress Me Down

The seventh episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ season 2 sees Kiki preparing to debut her new pieces while Gossip Girl creates a rift between Julien and Audrey. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Kiki is ready to debut her new pieces at the Spring luncheon. Audrey, in order to not make her upset, decides to not tell her that Audrey’s father, Will, and his mistress, Jessica, are in town.

Georgina threatens to take over Gossip Girl if Kate does not create enough drama in the next 24 hours; she wants Kate to find a rivalry and post about it.

Zoya goes through Monet’s Instagram to know more about her. She brings her scones to thank her for helping her. Zoya runs into Mrs. de Haan. Unlike Monet, she appreciates the gesture.

Audrey takes Julien, Max, and Aki to have lunch with Will and Jessica. Julien acts cold towards Will and keeps taunting him, which upsets Audrey. 

Will is planning to propose tonight, but Audrey requests him to wait for a few days since she wants Kiki to focus entirely on the debut, and he agrees. 

Seeing Julien argue with Audrey about her father, Wendy gives Kate the idea to start a fight between the two. Kate posts false information about the two on Gossip Girl’s account, resulting in an argument between them.

Obie meets his sister, Heidi, and convinces her to leak proof against their mother, whose actions have resulted in a person’s suicide. Since their mother is a billionaire, she will not go to prison; she will just be under scrutiny, which might stop her.

Mrs. de Haan asks Zoya to accompany her to PEN America’s luncheon, where Zoya will get to meet famous personalities. Monet tells Zoya that her mother only wants to take her to the luncheon to teach Monet a lesson, but Zoya disagrees

Audrey is still angry at Julien for not telling her about her father’s affair. Julien, to prove to Audrey that Gossip Girl lied, tells her about sending fake tips to Gossip Girl, which were then posted. This further enrages Audrey.

Jessica requests Julien to let her apologize to Kiki on Stop the Story. Julien, after initially refusing, finally relents. Instead of apologizing, Jessica lies about Kiki stealing her designs. 

Julien refuses to post this on her account. However, Jessica secretly records this and sends it to Gossip Girl. Audrey rebukes Julien for not listening to her and ruining her mother’s debut.

Julien tries to make things right, but Audrey gets upset that Julien is going behind her back and interfering. Julien brings Obie to the luncheon because he asks her to take him with her.

Max, who has been desperately trying to impress Will, finally takes Luna’s advice to be himself.

Georgina visits Jordan at his new workplace. Jordan comes to the luncheon because Georgina is threatening him. He finally understands why Kate was acting so strange and mean to him.

Georgina wants Jordan to drug Aki and Julien and then take their compromising pictures because she wants to see Julien and Audrey fight in front of everyone.

Obie meets his mother at the luncheon. Heidi and Obie had decided to leak the proof before their mother went back to Germany, but Gossip Girl does not reply to Obie’s messages. His mother asks him to come back home and leaves for Germany.

Zoya realizes that Monet was right and Mrs. de Haan is just using her. Monet sees her mother hugging Zoya and sends a tip to Gossip Girl, telling her about Zoya’s sex tape.

Julien shows up wearing one of Kiki’s dresses to make things right. However, Jessica wears the same dress to the luncheon. Audrey tries to stop Julien from revealing the dress but ends up ripping it in front of everyone.

Jessica, who had stolen Kiki’s design, takes all the credit for Kiki’s work. Kiki is heartbroken, and she pushes Audrey away when she tries to comfort her.

Audrey confronts Julien and blames her for everything. She believes that Julien’s urge to interfere and make everything about herself is the root of all problems. Audrey asks Julien to stay away from her.

To get rid of Georgina, Jordan and Kate post a picture of them kissing on Gossip Girl’s account, which causes Georgina to lose interest in it.

Audrey’s father marries Jessica, even though Audrey asked him to wait. Max accuses Will that he does not even like himself and keeps making everyone around him miserable.  

Georgina posts the screenshot of the tip sent by Monet and humiliates her for shaming Zoya. Mrs. de Haan is disappointed in Monet again.

Obie and Julien talk about their failures and discuss how their lives were better before Gossip Girl. They go to Obie’s place and sleep together. On the other hand, Nick apologizes to Zoya again, and she finally forgives him.

Kate realizes that she has feelings for Jordan and goes to his house to confess. She runs into Georgina, who tells her that she slept with Jordan. Kate thinks it is time to stop playing safe and go after the bigger fish.

Gossip Girl makes a deal with Obie to work with him, and he wants this to stay between them.


  • Georgina’s character showed great potential to be an interesting villain. However, this episode merely used her for Kate’s development and discarded her.
  • Emily Alyn Lind, as Audrey, delivered a powerful performance in the scene where she confronts Julien and holds her accountable.
  • This episode mostly focused on Julien’s character and her struggle to make things right. She keeps failing, but her sadness does not impact the viewers. Her struggle could have been relatable, but it misses its mark.
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 7
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Dress Me Up! Dress Me Down 1

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