King the Land season 1 episode 16 recap & review

King the Land concludes with episode 16 as Sa-Rang makes a huge decision regarding her future and Won proceeds with the helm of the hotel, before asking the big question to his girlfriend.


Sa-Rang says she wants to call it quits, shocking Won before he learns that it’s the hotel and her job at King the Land and opens up her own small hotel.

Won delays the proposal for the time being and congratulates Sa-Rang for figuring out the path for her.

Ji-Hu departs for the US and Won asks Hwa-Ran to let him live a life unlike theirs and to live a less lonely life herself. She changes her mind and stops Ji-Hu from boarding the flight.

Sa-Rang finds housing for her hotel and gets on working to open it. Meanwhile, Won makes strides with his leadership as the president of Hotel King. Sa-Rang opens Hotel Amore and soon gets her first reservation.

Won arrives to help her with the chores she doesn’t need much help with as an excuse to be with her every night before she makes him promise that he won’t do that from now and look after himself.

She posts a job offer for a part-timer to help her with the hotel work on weekends, but all candidates fail to impress, except for Won, who gets the job. Shortly after securing the job, he proposes and Sa-Rang accepts.

They then break the news to her grandmother, who can’t contain her happiness. Meanwhile, Gang Da-Eul’s husband is given a hard lesson in doing his part in marriage by his wife and daughter.

Ro-Woon takes Pyeong-Hwa to visit his mother’s gravestone, as the two show firm signs of a long relationship blooming between them. No Sang-Sik is made a department manager.

The wedding day arrives and Won and Sa-Rang cherish their blissful union, as King the Land finale concludes.

King the Land ending explained in detail:

Does Sa-Rang get fired?

Cheon Sa-Rang is exposed by Hwa-Ran’s hired journalist, who captures her kissing Won. Their affair is revealed to the public.

As a result, Il-Hoon asks her to go away for some time, reappointing her to King Tourist Hotel while Won is away for business and the gossip dies down.

Won later brings her back to King the Land but soon, Sa-Rang reveals that she wants to quit the hotel and her job as she feels it’s not how she imagined her future, even though she is grateful for what the job did for her.

She quits and opens up a small, one-suite hotel of her own, and finds success as well.

Who becomes the president of King the Land?

Gu Hwa-Ran tries her best and at times, cruelest, to get Won out of the picture and defeat him in the one-sided war to become the president of King Hotel.

Won isn’t interested in dethroning her or becoming some leader but gradually, with the help of Sa-Rang’s shared experience and his own observations, he comes to understand what the hotel really needs.

He recognizes the value of employees, who he deems the most important part of the success of the company. His approach to leadership and presiding over the company also helps boost the hotel’s public image.

He later also pitched a game-changing plan to expand the hotel, making it an international chain, and his projected revenue dwarfs the projections of Hwa-Ran’s plans that focus solely on cost-cutting measures.

Hwa-Ran tries her darndest to defeat Won but Il-Hoon finally becomes fed up with her, aware of her tactics, and fires her from all her positions at the hotel. Won becomes the president of the hotel and leads it to greater heights.


  • King the Land finale is a merry time while also lacking in a couple of ways that matter and that have informed much of the show’s weaker aspects.
  • Gang Da-Eul and Pyeonh-Hwa get their happy endings but they do lack, especially the former, the nuanced treatment of their respective subplots preceding the conclusions.
  • Sa-Rang’s grandmother and Hwa-Ran take on the job to trigger the tear ducts this time around, while Sa-Rang and Won make for one wholesome and heartwarming couple right up until the end.
King the Land season 1 episode 16
King the Land season 1 episode 16 recap & review 1

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