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Love & Death season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Do No Evil

In the fourth episode of Love & Death, Betty’s body is discovered while Candy, after killing Betty, pretends that she doesn’t know what happened to her. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max. Recap Betty clarifies to Candy that she doesn’t want her to see Allan ever again. Candy assures her that their affair […]

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Love is Blind season 4 episodes 1 to 5 recaps & review

Love Is Blind season 4 sees a new batch of romantics sit across each other and bleed their hearts out through a wall, in hopes of making a connection worth keeping when the walls come down and whatever challenges may present themselves ahead. Recap Hosts Vanessa and Nick welcome the contestants to the show. The […]

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Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 11 recap & review: The Functional Relationship of Our Love

In Crash Course in Romance episode 11, Hae-e reveals the nature of her relationship with Haeng-Seon to the world, as the latter and Chi-Yeol finally face each other and their feelings for each other. Recap Hae-e reveals that Haeng-Seon’s actually single and her aunt, following which Choi Chi-Yeol and Haeng-Seon finally meet and embrace each […]

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