My Demon season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Sweet but Dangerous

In the fourth episode of My Demon, Gu-won refuses to marry Do-hee, but he continues helping her find Madam Ju’s murderer. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Madam Ju’s will is read, Do-hee impulsively proposes marriage to Gu-won in front of a crowd, but Gu-won rejects her proposal. His refusal embarrasses Do-hee, but she still has to stick with him, as he is the only one who can protect her.

Madam Ju’s children want to prevent Do-hee from becoming the chairperson, but they cannot do anything legally. Madam Ju’s son, Noh Suk-min, who did not have a good relationship with his mother, will do whatever he can to usurp the position.

Ju Seok-hoon visits Do-hee, and she tells him everything about the attempts on her life and Madam Ju’s murder. Seok-hoon does not want her to put herself in danger by investigating the death, but Do-hee is determined to find the murderer.

Do-hee blames herself for Madam Ju’s death, as she was killed after Do-hee informed her about Cha Tae-jun contacting her. As Do-hee has no intention of staying out of the matter, Seok-hoon promises to look after her like Madam Ju used to do.

Gu-won does not want to marry Do-hee because he thinks love is a weakness that only makes humans foolish. He has thought of other ways to get his tattoo back, and he only needs Do-hee until he succeeds.

The media catches wind of Do-hee getting rejected by Gu-won, and the news spreads, which further embarrasses Do-hee. She has no idea why, out of all the men at the funeral, she chose him to marry her.

When Gu-won goes to drop Do-hee home, she tells him that she does not try to be happy because that is what makes people unhappy. She works hard out of habit, not to achieve happiness. Do-hee then reads the letter that Madam Ju left her.

Madam Ju always found the position of chairperson extremely lonely, and it was Do-hee who made her less lonely. As she does not want Do-hee to have the same experience as her, she added the condition of Do-hee’s marriage to her will. 

Do-hee wants the police to investigate Madam Ju’s death, but her family does not consent to the autopsy. It turns out that the person who killed Cha Tae-jun met Madam Ju before her death. Madam Ju wanted them to pay for misappropriating the funds and committing murder. 

This person then changed Madam Ju’s pills to kill her. They also deleted the CCTV footage from that day as well as every piece of evidence from Madam Ju’s laptop. On top of that, Gu-won cannot use his powers to find Do-hee’s attacker, as the attacker was wearing a mask when Gu-won saw him. 

Without his powers, Gu-won is starting to get the memories of his human life back. He remembers that his name was Yi-sun. Fearing that he will also start aging without his powers, Gu-won keeps trying to hold Do-hee’s hand all the time, which makes Do-hee’s employees think that they are dating. 

Choi Deok-ho was a man who made a deal with Gu-won. When the contract expired, Gu-won sent his soul to Hell. Since then, Choi Deok-ho’s henchmen have been trying to find Gu-won, as they want to avenge their boss’ death.

On someone’s orders, Do-hee’s attacker tips Choi Deok-ho’s men off that Gu-won is working as Do-hee’s bodyguard. Choi Deok-ho’s men find and injure Gu-won. However, Do-hee comes to his rescue in time. Gu-won then uses his powers to beat up the men with Do-hee, not knowing that they are being recorded.


  • Do-hee dealing with Madam Ju’s death and investigating her murder is balanced with comedy, which ensures that the episode does not become too serious. Do-hee’s proposal sets a light tone from the very beginning.
  • Gu-won’s fights are never violent, but they are amusing. As he uses his powers in creative ways to best his opponents, the fights do not fail to entertain the audience. 
  • Furthermore, it becomes apparent in this episode that the two lead actors have amazing chemistry. It certainly works in the show’s favor.
My Demon season 1 episode 4
My Demon season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Sweet but Dangerous 1

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