Castaway Diva season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Castaway Diva, the Kang family recovers from Mr. Jung’s attack, and Mok-ha releases her debut song. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.

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Lee Uk is taken to the hospital after Mr. Jung attacks him. While Lee Uk’s family waits for him to wake up, Mr. Jung kills himself. It turns out that Mr. Jung attacked Lee Uk because he wanted him to die before his ex-wife and his sons could take his name.

As Lee Uk and Ms. Song never got to register their marriage, Ms. Song and her children are still Mr. Jung’s family. However, Lee Uk survives the attack. He registers his and Ms. Song’s marriage and adopts Chae-ho and Ki-ho.

Lee Uk gets to live happily with his family, whereas Mr. Jung dies without one. The Kang family gets their real names back. Chae-ho and Ki-ho get their jobs back, and their parents also reopen the salon. 

Ran-joo plans to sue President Lee for fabricating the sales of Ran-joo’s albums. However, she is told that the case could go on for years and that there is no guarantee of her winning it.

Ran-joo then finds out that President Lee is making Mok-ha and Mo-rae switch songs. Ran-joo thinks that he is stealing their song, but President Lee is doing this only because he thinks that the two women would benefit from it.

It is not easy for Ran-joo to believe him after everything he has done. She then confronts him about shredding the invoice, and President Lee tells her that it was Ran-joo’s mother who shredded it.

Ran-joo’s mother wanted her daughter to be a singer forever and not become the president of an agency. In fact, President Lee put together the shredded document, which Ran-joo’s mother hid till the day she died. 

President Lee tells Ran-joo that if his judgment regarding the switch is wrong, then he will relinquish his shares and position. On top of that, he informs Ran-joo that he has not yet let others invest in the company’s shares, as he did not want to do that to Ran-joo. 

Meanwhile, Mok-ha and Mo-rae, who have both come to fight President Lee for asking them to exchange their songs, realize that President Lee is right when they hear each other’s songs. 

President Lee does not force Mok-ha to give up her song, and Ran-joo leaves the decision to her. As Mok-ha loves Mo-rae’s song, she decides to take it. Mok-ha changes the lyrics of the song and makes it much better.

Chae-ho wants to confess his feelings to Mok-ha because he does not want to have regrets. However, he finds out that Mok-ha sees him as her brother. Furthermore, he comes to know that he only found Mok-ha on that island because Ki-ho has been looking for her for 15 years.

Even after her rescue, Ki-ho has been looking out for her. This makes Chae-ho change his mind about confessing. He then asks Ki-ho to tell Mok-ha about how he kept trying to find her, but Mok-ha already knows everything. 

When Mo-rae takes Mok-ha’s song, she asks Ran-joo to produce it. Initially, Ran-joo refuses, but she agrees when Mo-rae promises to add her name as a songwriter. Yong-gwan also asks President Lee to assign him to Mok-ha’s team, as he wants to work with Ran-joo and Mok-ha.

Castaway Diva season 1 ending explained in detail:

Whose song tops the charts?

Mok-ha and Mo-rae’s songs are released at the same time. It is Mok-ha’s debut song and Mo-rae is already a huge star, so it is Mo-rae’s song that tops the charts. On the other hand, Mok-ha’s song is not even in the top ten.

Mok-ha only gets small gigs, and while she is happy to perform at small events, Ran-joo is disappointed. She wants Mok-ha to surpass Mo-rae and be a superstar who tops the charts. 

Despite that, Ran-joo supports Mok-ha. She does everything that Mok-ha did for her the first time they met. With Yong-gwan, Chae-ho, and Ki-ho’s help, she distributes balloons among the audience and asks them to cheer for Mok-ha. 

Does President Lee give up his shares?

Ran-joo is concerned about Mok-ha. She worries if Mok-ha will become a successful singer if she is happy with so little. When she discusses this with Mok-ha, she realizes that Mok-ha does not want to have doubts and worry about the future when she cannot do anything about it.

Instead of asking herself questions that have no answers, Mok-ha would rather believe in her dream and do something about making it come true. Mok-ha’s conviction eases Ran-joo’s worries.

As Mok-ha’s song did not top the charts, President Lee is ready to give up his shares. However, Ran-joo stops him. After her conversation with Mok-ha, she believes that Mok-ha’s song will eventually get the number one spot.

Does Mok-ha achieve stardom?

When Mok-ha performs live at a small event, Ran-joo and her friends are there to support her. Mok-ha’s spellbinding performance easily impresses everyone. In no time, her song becomes a huge success.

Mok-ha goes from performing at small events to performing for thousands of fans. Ki-ho is the one who directs the camera shots at her concerts. Apart from becoming a star, she also gets a happy family, as she is now part of Ki-ho’s family. Mok-ha and Ki-ho finally get their happy ending.


  • Castaway Diva’s finale will not disappoint the audience. It is a pleasing episode that brings Mok-ha’s journey of becoming a successful singer to an end, but not without the support of her friends and her new family.
  • Mok-ha’s success is not unrealistic. She does not surpass Mo-rae and becomes a star overnight. It takes a lot of time and hard work on her part to achieve the same level of success as Mo-rae.
  • Mok-ha and Ran-joo’s bond is wholesome and entertaining. Their relationship adds a touch of warmth to the episode.
  • Mok-ha’s last performance and the transition that occurs in the middle of it are quite satisfying. It was a good choice to depict her success through that transition.
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Castaway Diva season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained 1

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