Truth Be Told season 3 episode 3 recap & review: Here She Shall See No Enemy

The third episode of Truth Be Told season 3 sees Poppy trying to understand the psychology of Trey’s victims while Markus copes with the discovery he has made at Trey’s hideout. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


After watching his daughter, Trini, and her boyfriend, Aubrey, in one of the videos on Trey’s computer, Markus storms out to confront Rochelle.

Rochelle enjoys the view of a furious father, while Aames and Poppy calm him down. Markus is sure that Aubrey must’ve filmed Trini without her consent.

Poppy needs Markus to go home and take care of Trini and Zarina at this point. In the meantime, they will interrogate Rochelle and look for Trey. Markus does as he is told, and back home he and Zarina talk to Trini about this.

Trini herself is shocked to hear this. She says that she didn’t know that she was being recorded. She defends Aubrey, claiming that he loves her and would never do such a thing.

Markus shouts at her, stating that she should’ve known better. He starts putting restrictions on her. Trini then wastes no time leaving the table. Zarina asks Markus to calm down and let Trini feel the shock before she can fix it.

Back at the precinct, Poppy requests Aames to let her talk to Rochelle alone. Upon interrogating her, Poppy learns that Rochelle is head over heels in love with Trey.

Poppy explains to her how Trey might kill her too if he is really responsible for Drea’s death. Rochelle defends Trey, saying that they have a good thing going. Poppy doesn’t understand Rochelle’s love for Trey.

Eva continues to throw herself into this case. She tells Poppy about a friend who might know a social worker who specializes in the field of understanding trafficking victims.

A psychiatrist then explains to Poppy how traffickers manipulate their victims by offering them everything they need to the point where the victims start falling for them. The bond they form is called the Trauma bond.

Breaking this bond isn’t easy, but Poppy is advised to approach these victims without judging them. Poppy manages to do so with a victim who was with Rochelle the first time Poppy met her.

Poppy meets this victim, named Devon, alone. Devon is in this illusion too, where she feels like she is in love with Trey. Poppy makes her comfortable. From Devon, she learns about a camp for underprivileged kids where Trey used to work.

Meanwhile, Markus continues to stay mad at this situation at home. Zarina advises him to use the fire inside him. She asks him to meet Aubrey with Aames and figure out if Aubrey knows anything about Trey or if he has shared this video with anyone else.

Upon visiting, Markus immediately gets in Aubrey’s face. Aubrey admits to recording himself with Trini, but he doesn’t know anyone named Trey. Aubrey’s parents come to their son’s aid. Aames and Markus are then forced to leave.

Leander later comforts Markus at a bar. Aames and Poppy visit the camp Trey worked at, where they discover a picture featuring Trey and Aubrey. It turns out that Aubrey does know Trey, and they did work together.

Markus’ gut feeling was right. He heads to his daughter’s room to tell her who Aubrey is. Unfortunately, Trini has escaped, and she is out there with Aubrey. Trey is driving them somewhere.

Amidst all of this, Poppy deals with a new personal discovery. She learns that someone named Alexander is her biological father. Leander came into her mother’s life after Alexander left.

Eva lets Poppy know why she is so interested in Drea’s case. She reveals that she was once in Drea’s shoes too, where she was asked to spend time with people just so that she could get her mother a green card.


  • Truth Be Told season 3 just pushed Drea’s case by involving a family member of one of the regular characters. With the number of videos Trey has, the team is on the run to hunt him down.
  • Mekhi Phifer, as Markus, and Merle Dandridge, as Zarina, both brilliantly handle the reactions of Trini’s parents. Phifer emits all the emotions a father would go through, and Dandrige is there to balance everything as Trini’s mother.
  • Finally, the show explains why Eva is jumping into this case. Her story still sounds a bit shady; it feels like there is something she is hiding. With that, viewers will still be left wondering if they should love her or hate her.
  • Overall, the episode is predictable. The writing somehow convinces the audience that Aubrey can’t be the bad guy over here. The same is implied until it is revealed that he is indeed working with Trey.
Truth Be Told season 3 episode 3
Truth Be Told season 3 episode 3 recap & review: Here She Shall See No Enemy 1

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